About Me

I am the Creative Director/Product Manager for Simon Says Stamp. I am fortunate to have joined the Simon family in June of 2013 where I design stamps, stencils, dies and Flair all for sale in the Simon Says Stamp store.

I create monthly journal Art journal pages which are captured in full process/time laps video. I can be found on the Simon Says Stamp Blog every Tuesday with card inspiration and brand recognition and on the Simon You Tube channel where I create Quick Tip videos.

Previous to joining Simon Says Stamp, I was a designer for Hero Arts Rubber Stamps Inc for 24 years.

My commitments with Hero Arts included:
  • Digital Manager
  • Instructor for Retailer workshops
  • Monthly Technique Creator for
  • Card artist for catalogs and supplements
  • Hero Blog Contributor
  • Education Assistant
  • Product development
My proudest development with Hero Arts was the Mid-Tone inks line through Stewart Superior. I was able to take my concept of a creating an ink with "setting in" properties and watch it flourish into a top line of stamping ink with over 20 colors available on the market.

With the success of the Mid-Tone inks, I then worked with Stewart Superior to develop a permanent ink dauber using many of the Mid-Tone colors.

My preferred style is light collage. I say "light" because I like to use papers and images to create layered effects. In 2006, I authored a book called "Layers" which depicts simple projects using my signature style.

I live in the Village of Somonauk, a small farm community in Northern Illinois with my hubby Tom of 27 years, our two sons; Brooks and Scooter and tortoise Chester.

Thanks for your interest in what I do.


Anonymous said...

You made a Halloween Card with a Haunted House that is the cutest card how did you make the haunted house? Thanks Darlene

Gaby said...

Hi Shari,
I have been always trying to find a way to express myself. I do all kind of crafts. When I saw one of your videos for the first time, I felt that the Art Journals could be "my thing". As soon as you showed the Art Journal Kit I ordered mine. I got it already.... about 1 week ago however it is still in blank. When I face a white sheet, I get totally blocked. :(. I was wondering if you can give me some tips on how to start. I do not pretend to be great at my first try.... but I really dont know how to put what is in my head and in my heart in a white sheet of paper. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
Thank you!!


Anonymous said...

Hello there. I love your tree boutique stamps. Pls design more cards (videos?) with them. I have all 3 am eager to get the most out of then that I can. Love your artistry. Jayne Love

Cyndy said...

I love your designs! I really liked the button tree you designed in the Christmas Crafts magazine for Better Homes and Gardens. I would like to purchase some of the frosted gems you used on that tree. Can you please tell me the manufacturer? I checked the Simon store and see lots of gems but not sure which ones they are. THANK YOU!!

Cyndy said...

I love your designs! I particularly liked the button tree you designed for the ''Christmas Crafts'' magazine. I would like to purchase some of the frosted gems you used on that tree. Can you please tell me the manufacturer? I haven't seen those gems anywhere and they are great! THANK YOU!

Susanne said...

Shari, I noticed the card "Thinking of you" on the Simon Say's newsletter with the hearts and really nice decorative papers...Is there a card description of what materials you used anywhere? Thanks

Paula J Atkinson said...

I have this book you wrote. I love to look through it when I'm stuck for inspiration.

Paula J Atkinson said...

I love this book! I have only just made the connection between you & it! It is my favourite book to look through when I need inspiration. Do you plan to write more?

Anne said...

Hi Shari, I have watched your art journal videos and I feel like it is time to start. I am 80 years old and I love to try new things. I have no idea of what I am doing or what I am going to do. What is the size of your art journal? I think (which can be dangerous) it is an 8 1/2 x 11 folded in half. Someone mentioned an art journal kit, can you tell me anything about that? Thanks, I know you are a busy person so I understand if you cannot reply.

Cornelie said...

Hi Shari! I just want to let you know that I admire your work! That's the reason I pick one of your card for the next liftchallenge tomorrow. I hope you like it, and if you want to see the blog that I am talking about, here is the link;
Thank you for all the inspiration!

Unknown said...

Hello, I am so glad to get to know a little something about one of my Favorite artists in the rubber stamping world.
I think you are just FABULOSO!!! Keep up the creativity and I will be following you on You tube as well and looking for sun inspiration!

Shari Carroll said...

Hi Anne! I'm sorry that I didn't see this sooner. I have several journals, but my favorite one to use is where I fold a sheet in half like you mentioned and build it up page by page. Simon Says Stamp does have a journal kit, it's fantastic! Hope you are well, thanks for following me.
xx Shari

Mary N said...

I've have been drawn to a certain type of card for many years, but never made the connection that most of them were made by you. How wonderful to put a name and face to these favorites. I came across a video of a card you made with the "Newspaper Eiffel Tower" that was done by finger painting Distress inks after embossing. I'd now like to use your design for inspiration, but can no longer remember where I saw the video. Hero Arts has the video, but it has sound but no picture. I can tell from the narrative that this one made Nov 16, 2011 that I am looking for. Can you direct me to where I saw the video with sound only a few weeks ago? Your originality is so inspiring - thank you.

sharon l-s said...

Shari - I am thrilled you are taching at Stampaway and I am in your Friday afternoon class. It says we will be using sramp sets, dies and stencils designed specifically for Stampaway 2015. We the class participants be able to buy these items after class?


Anonymous said...

Love your work dearest shari
Ure making my day always shinning....
Love ur videos.... Could you make or link a video explaining dye, pigment chalk ink??
How to use them
There difference.....
Thanks so much
And if we need to buy a dye ink wich one would u suggest????
My email is:

Google said...

Shari, What kind of pencil sharpener are you using to get the sharp point? Joyce