Monday, October 29, 2012

Homemade Potato Soup

Hi everyone! I've had requests to re-post this.  It looks like it's time to start cooking for winter. I'm sharin one of our family favorites with you. Homemade Potato soup! This is a good base recipe to alter for dietary needs, vegetarian or organic.

Shari's Tator Soup: Serves 8 (guys)

Potatoes (8-10 peeled and diced)
Green Onions (4 cut with greens)
Bacon (5 slices uncooked or 10 slices pre-cooked) cut in 1/2" pieces
Milk (amount can vary) ( I use 1%)
Salt (to taste) (I use sea salt)
Pepper (to taste)
Potato Flakes (to thicken)

Crisp bacon in the bottom of a stock pot. Add onions, potatoes and 2 tsp. of salt, add enough water to cover potatoes. On medium heat, cook till corners of potatoes become slightly rounded (about 1/2 hour). Drain water. Add milk to cover potatoes and return to heat, add pepper. Once hot, sprinkle 3 tbsp. of potato flakes to the soup. Salt and pepper to taste.

If you like thicker soup, add more potato flakes. If you're vegetarian, omit bacon. If you're vegan, omit bacon and substitute milk with soy milk.

Another option would be to add fresh Parsley and Carrots. You could also use small pieces of diced ham instead of bacon.

Bon Appetit!


Laura Jane said...

This soup looks FANTASTICLY COZY:)
Never thought of using the flakes to thicken..
Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

sounds yum AND easy!! perhaps my simple culinary skills can handle this....thanks for sharing :)

Larissa Heskett said...

AWESOME!! This is MY FAVORITE type of soup and I always LOVE a New Recipe to try!! =) THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

Suzi B said...

I need much help when it comes to home made soups .... so thank you
Suzi B :)

sarah said...

thanks for sharing. sounds yummy, i think i'll give it a try.

Barb said...

YUM! Thanks Shari! Looks deee-lish! :)

Barbara said...

Thanks for posting this again! I made a copy but I lost it! I love potato soup and will definitely make it. My family always thought potato soup was the best comfort food and always requested it when they were feeling poorly! Maybe, I'll make a big pot of it and invite kids and grandkids just to show it's ok to eat it when you're not sick!!! Your recipe looks better than the one I used to make!!!!

jintyoo7 said...

Oh, yummy and looks fairly simple to make. Thank you, Shari :)

kath said...

looks absolutely scrumptious shari but not sure we can get potato flakes in the UK hugs kath xxx

Denacline88 said...

Thanks Shari, your potato soup sounds yummy, I can't wait to make some. Your idea for thickening the soup using potato flakes is a great tip also...Thanks again.

Cheri Reed said...

This sounds delish. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

Karla Yungwirth said...

Just came to your blog from the holiday card making class at online card classes and wanted to say I tried this recipe for supper tonight. It was amazing! Thanks for sharing and for the wonderful cards too!

Barb Ghig said...

Thanks so much for this recipe...I can't wait to make it for my family!