Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This and That...

I have been so busy lately with work, family stuff, class planning... but most recently, my dear niece Courtney (who refers to me as MomAunt) graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelors degree in Fashion.  This is the niece who years ago had spinal surgery to fuse 14 vertebrae in her back due to severe Scoliosis.  I've always considered her my hero for overcoming the odds and taking charge of her life...always facing it head on with a smile and positive attitude...but now I am even more proud as she ventures into the wonderful world of FASHION! 

Last night we were invited to LaundryMagazine's first fashion show featuring Growing Works which was a collaboration of newly graduated designers set inside the Garfield Park Conservatory.  Courtney was Director of Operations for the event, making sure each model was styled and ready to walk. 

You can see my little pip-squeek at the end of this video, she's the adorable (not so tall) brunette with the strapless white dress...just after the models. Kudo's to these girls for putting on a fabulous show, we will be seeing more of them as they head out into their field of design.

On another many of you have asked how I'm doing with my CPAP machine. Although I still feel it's quite barbaric... it does seem to be working. I am no longer bogged down and am used to the gear that I must wear to get a good nights rest. Yay!

Then... a few weeks ago, I noticed a couple spots on my leg and neck that alarmed me. I went to the dermatologist to have them removed and biopsied... sure enough, they are both Squamous cell. All of the cells were removed from my leg, but I have to go in next Tuesday to have the rest of the cells removed from my neck. Pretty crappy news... but not a shock as I am aware of my risk and sun history. I waist no time in seeing the doctor. Once removed, I'll be fine... it's just not fun going through it.

So...Please wear your sunscreen this summer!!! OK?

Oh and before I go...I have a few more openings for my Saturday Technique Bootcamp class (I added an additional class) at Stamp N Scrap Ink in Dyer Indiana. If you're in the area, pop in and see me.

Phew... that was a long post. I hope everyone is well!



Nancy W said...

Great video! Is that your cutie doing hair too? Glad to hear you caught those spots! I always tell my friends to protect their skin! Wish my hubby would pay attention to me! He shaves his head and he never wears a cap when golfing! :( Hugs from Conroe Texas

donna mikasa said...

You must be so proud of your niece--that's such a cool fashion show! So glad you caught those nasty cells in time. Take care!

Sarah said...

Congrats on your niece's success! Glad your 'device' is working out and so glad you found the nasties early enough. Hugs. :)

Barb said...

Tell your niece, congrats, Shari. . .such an exciting time in her life! I'm happy to hear you're sleeping better and that you found those spots on your skin early! Nice to hear from you! Hugs! :)

Angela said...


I look forward to meeting you at the Copic Class Friday. Can't wait to offically be taught how to use those fun markers I enjoy.

Simple Creations

Barbara said...

That was an amazing fashion show! Isn't it astounding what young people can accomplish these days? Congrats to your niece!
And you're absolutely right in keeping close contact with your skin specialist. My husband has the same issues and keeps it under control in the same way!!!!

kath said...

amazing fashion show and your niece is super cute glad that you are sleeping better and that you are getting those nasties taken care off...big hugs kath xxx

Nancy said...

Congrats to your niece, what a great accomplishment! I loved the video, reminded me of Project Runway.
Hopefully you will be sleeping even better once the skin issues are behind you, thanks so much for the reminder to be diligent with the SPF.

Kathy said...

HI Shari, Love the fashion show it was just like the cat walk. I had to rewind three times to catch your neice...her heard is slightly turned or looking down?? ADORABLE!! Pretty special to be a MOM Aunt!! Thanks for the heads up on the sunscreen & glad you are taking good card of YOU. Glad you are sleeping better too. Hugs, Kathy

AnitaRex said...

Wow good job for your niece! Really! I love reading that! So happy to hear your doing good with your machine. One of my friends suffered from sleep apnea too but her dentist told her about a mouth guard that would change her jaw, it was crazy expensive I think 4 or 6 grand but it was money back and within a few months her sleep apnea is all gone! She still sleeps with it I think. :> I agree on the sunscreen I don't tan very much I always wear sunscreen and never tan my face! :> Hope all goes well with your spots, thinking of you!!!