Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm in Digital AWE....

A while back I printed out some digital pieces to make projects with, but never found a good time to give them a go.  FINALLY I'm back at it and here's what's on my stamp desk.

Screeeeeech...hold the horses!!!  First, here's where I got the image!  You did know Hero Arts has digital cd's right??? I've linked the picture below to the website if you want to have a look-see.  This CD has fabulous vintage style can print and color to your hearts desire.

So here's my lady in all her bare uncolored glory. I created a sheet with images (she's about 5" tall).  I saved the file on a little jump drive and took it to get printed at Office max.  I like to have them printed with toner just in case I want to use Copic markers.  My printer isn't the best and Office max has a nice cardstock which works perfect for me.

Using color pencils...I started by shading her hair color.  I wanted a red-head so I used a combination of golds, terracotta, browns, oranges, etc.  This picture shows the beginning of her eye make-up where I'm using shades of Grey to give her *flapper* style eyes.  Note: I'm using pencils without a blender solution.

I continued blending her eye moving onto her pale skin color.  I've darkened the areas around her forehead and neck crease.  When I color, I take the process slowly, adding more color on top as needed. 

Now I've moved on to her head band and eyes.  I have chosen an olive green for her eyes, have darkened the area just under her eyelid to add a bit of dimension. 

I've finished coloring her and added some glossy accents to give her some shine.  I also added a white dot on her eyes to create catch lights. 

She's on the table drying from all of her spa treatments, I'll be adding her to something hopefully *uber* fantastic in the next few days. I'll show you that process next.  Oh and before I go, my preferred color pencil is Prismacolor, they are smooth and easy to work with plus the pigments are vibrant.  Love them!



Kathy Wade (krolski) said...

She is gorgeous! Your coloring is amazing Shari! Can't wait to see the uber cool project!

Anthonette said...

Gorgeous, Shari! Thanks for the tip about having a digi image printed at Office Max. I was wondering how you would've colored this image using Copics...mystery solved.

Eveline said...

Beautiful! I'm looking forward to the end result.

Candy C said...

Very cool process! Love it!

Linda Cain said...

Gorgeous! Lovely lady!

Jill said...


Your coloring is simply amazing. I am in such awe of your talents! Thanks for sharing- can't wait to see how you use her on a project!

Hannah said...

the coloring is just amazing, Shari! i am completely in awe! please do share the finished project! and thanks for sharing a step-by-step of the spa treatment. it was fun!

Alice Wertz said...

wow! your coloring is amazing Shari! thanks for the step by stop, i really loved seeing the process. gorgeous work! can't wait to see what you make with her!