Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coming up for air.....

...then diving into this! heehee
Don't worry Dr. Davis, I have my suncreen....
I've been working hard lately on a big ol' TOP SECRET project.  You'll see the fruits of my labor the beginning of October. Holy Moly!!!  I just realized that haven't updated my blog in over a month.... whoa...  that's terrible!  I'm taking a little break, I've flown down to Alabama with my sister to visit my step-dad, go through some of mom's things and to relax in the pool! Yep, six days of pickling myself in the water!

I was down in Cincinnati visiting my girlfriend Jennifer McGuire last week-end, we taught classes at Stampaway and I had an absolute blast!  It's great to get out and meet stampers in different regions.  

My next adventure will take me to Scrapfest at Mall of America September 17-19th.  We always love seeing all the Hero Arts fans that gather there, so much going on, so fun!  If you're in the area, please come by and say hello.

Is everyone getting their kids back to school?  It feels strange for me to not be a part of the hustle and bustle of Back To School.  I pass by the supplies in the store and feel a bit melancholy about it.  Scooter just turned 21, yep my baby....time has flown by so fast. 

I hope everyone is enjoying these last few weeks of summer.
I'll be back soon, I promise!


Barb said...

Hi Shari!

That pool looks so refreshing! Enjoy your time there! I will be one of those lucky Hero Arts fans (and Flickr groupie) to be taking two of your classes! I'm looking forward to meeting you and Jennifer and it's less than a month away now! I'm getting very excited!

My one son is 15 and will be heading back to school the day after Labor Day. We're trying to squeeze in as much fun as we can in the last few weeks of summer!

Can't wait to see your "top secret" project! Hmmm?

Take care! :)

Nancy said...

Enjoy your swim! I know there's a whole bunch of the Flickr group planning a big get-together at's hoping you all have a wonderful time!

Sarah said...

Enjoy the pool! Hopefully going through your Mom's things brings back good memories more than sorrow. :) So looking forward to meeting you and Jennifer and the flickr girls at Scrapfest!! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

michelle said...

Have a great time Shari!!!

I know what you mean about the school thing.

I miss it, but dont miss it, at the same time, haha. No pleasing some people!!
Michelle x

Lin said...

Hi Shari, glad to see you're still there and that you are having some well-deserved R&R. You are such a tease about your big project; how on earth can we wait until October???? Hugs!

kath said...

have a great time with your family Shari and I would so love to come to Scrapfest and meet all the HA girls...but there is just the problem of a rather large ocean in the way....can't wait to see your secret project....hugs kath xxx

Linda said...

I´m glad you got some time out :D Missed you though! My 3 MONTHS of summer vacation is ending in just one week from now. But it will be good to have a routine back :D

I wish I was going to mall of America to meet you. Maybe next year :D I just got back from Stockholm, went to a concert there with Leonard Cohen. Amazing!!!

Cant wait to see you TOP SECRET project! :D Take care!

Tiffany said...

What an enjoyable time you've been having and I hope you have tons of fun at Scrapfest, can't wait to see everyone's photos and updates!

lois Skiathitis said...

The pool looks so refreshing and such a beautiful color. I look at the school supplies and just giggle. Glad I don't have to do that anymore.

I stop everyday to see what is going on here. I'm looking forward to seeing the top secret project.

Have fun,and most importantly enjoy yourself.

Karen from MI said...

Glad you've got your sunscreen, Shari and also glad that you're taking some time to RELAX! Sounds like you are keeping yourself BUSY! Have to tell you that I can identify with the "blues" when passing by the school supplies, myself. Molly is starting her first year of college in a couple of is whizzing by me. Thanks for sharing. Love, Karen

Jill said...

Can't wait to see your Top Secret project! I'm sure it will be FAB! Wish I could meet you at Scrapfest! I'm such a fan of everything you make! HUGS!