Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just back from CHA

Seems like I've been gone forever....I have, least a full week. We were so busy in the booth, I didn't have a chance to walk the show at all. I don't even have pictures to share....I'm such a!

But today is my girls' (Cede) 12th birthday. She was so excited when I got home. You see, I'm the one that feeds her treats for anything she does. She was wild today, full of spit and vinegar jumping up to smell my breath, crazy to greet me as I entered the house! Love her!!!

Once I wrap my brain around everything new and unwind from my travels, I'll deliver a more informative post.

Enjoy the day...what's left of it!



Lin said...

Sweet Cede .... there is nothing like a dog, unconditional love, what a treat! Happy Birthday to your girl, and I look forward to your thoughts about CHA when you have the time. LOVE, LOVE the little glimpses we had of the new wood stamps!!

Dwita said...

Happy birthday to Cede... Glad that you're back.. You must have had such good time in the booth... I wished to fly and see the CHA... maybe someday..

Eveline said...

What a beautiful dog, she looks very wise in this pictures.
Glad you enjoyed CHA, I really loved reading all the stories on the various blogs.

Kath said...

such a beautiful wise old lady...happy birthday cede...hugs kath & buddy xxxxx

Tiffany said...

So glad you're back, you crack me up with your posts, always great to visit your blog! And a big Happy Birthday to Cede!!

Karen from MI said...

Hi Shari! You are NOT a loser........I can SO RELATE to NO PHOTOS. I'm glad you had a chance to post your "Cede's" that's IMPORTANT and she's a SWEETIE. Hope you have time to REST UP! I sometimes don't know how YOU can keep up the pace you do! HAPPY WEEKEND! Love, Karen xo

Lucille said...

Cede is beautiful, happy birthday girly. Lucille & Pearl :)

Cathy A said...

Oh what a wonderful dog, can't beat such a welcome. See you soon - Doing Tims workshop Saturday AM and then Show Sunday (perhaps we can grab a coffee?)
Hugs Cathy