Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Daunting Task....

This is the time of year that I like to pull my photo's off my computer to save "just in case".  I also did a back-up (took nearly the entire day) but it's done and I have peace of mind. 

So as you find yourself stuck inside a little more than the weather turns colder, less outside's a good time to take care of these daunting tasks!

Just a reminder for you all....I'd hate for anyone to lose valuble pictures or files.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!


Eveline said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Kerry said...

Thank you for the reminder Shari! We DO have some backing up that needs to be done!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones - many blessings to you all!

LynneForsythe said...

You preach it sista!!! I lost all my photos hard drive went hinky and poof my photos were gone!!! THE ONLY THING THAT COULD NOT BE RECOVERED!!! I cried!!!


Cathy A said...

Great reminder, I am always slack when it comes to backing up!