Saturday, October 17, 2009

A fun video

I stole this off of Rachel Greig's blog because it's a BRILLIANT idea.

Imagine the possibilities of what adding a little fun can do to our health!

I've been stamping for the new catalog, it's keeping me busy. I picked up some boxes today to start packing the purge that's coming up. Stay tuned! Remember...give away!


Deirdre said...

Just love that video... hadn't seen it... thanks for sharing.

LynneForsythe said...

Hi ShariCarroll...that video is AWESOME!!! Have fun creatin' Girlie!!!

joanna said...

Enjoy your creative sessions! How i would love to be your assistant.

Michelle W. said...

What fun! It reminds me of Tom Hanks in the movie Big. Thanks for making me smile:)

Jill said...

totally behind the fun theory--love it! :)

Virginia L. said...

Totally BRILLIANT idea! The world needs more stairs like this!Thanks for sharing, Shari!