Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Thoughts....

I've been thinking lately that I need to find a "cause" that I can channel some good energy into.

Years back I was quite active (and this may be a shock to some of you) with my church in San Clemente Ca. I was the wedding coordinator, loved it, such a joy to work with young couples.

When the boys got of age, I delved into Scouts. I put in a good ten years into the program, felt it was my calling to help youth. I held positions from Den Leader on up to Cub Master..then moved up to Boy Scouts where I was an Assistant Scoutmaster. Not only did I work on the local level...I was a District Commissioner for 3 packs, 4 troops and 2 Explorer post as well as a trainer for our Council. I lived and breathed Scouting.....until my train accident.

Train Accident you ask? Oh boy. I'll make this quick... I was riding the Metra coming from Chicago on my way home into the Aurora station. Our train hit head on with another train. I flew about ten feet. I blacked out and woke up to find myself on top of a ladies head. I had somehow made my way through closed doors. My shoes were back in the isle where I had once stood. I had tweaked my neck and got bumped up pretty good.

This was a time to re-evaluate my life as I knew it. I decided to remove some commitments and stresses. Although I loved scouting, I was up to my eyeballs with duties and responsibilities.

I had also worked in our school district with a handicap boy, stayed with him for over 7 years. I got him into college but he passed away shortly thereafter of a heart attache due to his disability.

Fast forward 7 years....here I am. Missing a cause...needing that "good feeling" you get from helping others, you know?

I'm considering the animal route, would love to raise funds for Bernie Berlin's A Place to Bark, or even volunteer at a local shelter.

I'm turning 50 at the end of this month, I guess it's my internal clock letting me now it's re-evaluation time of where I am in my life, what am I doing for the better good?


Eveline said...

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Jennifer said...

i am right there with you. hugs hugs hugs!

Jennifer said...

love you! you are a good person.

Anonymous said...

We retired last year... I'm only 62 and didn't not think retirement would be a huge adjustment as I've always worked part time. so I thought... I'll just stay home more and play more. I was NOT realistic. I too, need a cause. What I have been doing most is making Cards for Heros. I get to stamp and help a military personnel keep in touch with their family.

I hope you find a cause that will enrich your life and not add stress to it. You're a generous person. By the way the 50s aren't bad years. :-)

froebelsternchen Susi said...

You will do the right!
Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

I think you should teach a card class at a school, library or local church to young girls and their moms. Your talent is far too impressive to only share with us blog stalkers! Best Wishes!

Linda said...

Shari, You are exactly where your supposed to be! What you don't realize is what you do for all of us follower's...

My Story: I was diagnosed with BC in 2006, it was the most difficult time in my life. I have been stamping since 2004, and during my ordeal I was unable to stamp. Once my treatments were done, I found your cards and creations on H.A. I fell in Love with your style. You are Amazingly talented and you've helped give me my Mojo and inspiration back! So, you see you are doing so much for so many people especially me. I Thank You from the bottom of my heart! So, please don't stop what you are doing here & on H.A.

Linda :)

Anonymous said...

I'm right at the same age you are...but to show myself I'm not really that old, I got a diamond stud put in my nose.Everyone takes a second look it's funny.
You are so inspiring to all of us who check out your blog, you give us reason's to keep creating. That's very important. Please don't stop!
Mary Lou Cacciatore

judy said...

Shari, it speaks to your character
that you look for what you can do
for others as you approach your own
milestone. I really appreciate the
talent and inspiration you bring to Hero Arts and the blog. I am sure you will bring that same energy and creative spirit to whatever else you choose to pursue.

Lucy, England said...

You are an inspiration in so so many ways Shari. I admire you so much.

Diana said...

Shari, thanks for sharing that. It's so FANTASTIC that you are pondering all this. I taught special education for 25 years before resigning 3 years ago. It was such a meaningful job, yet very challenging. I admire your artwork tremendously and admire you even more reading this!

Vanessa said...

I hope you find the right thing! I love your work and I only know you from this blog and HA, but I am convinced that you are a wonderful person and that you enrich others` lives (human or animal). Thanks for sharing your lifechanging experiences with us!

Deneen said...

Shari good luck with your quest. I have something I am now wanting start regarding medical discrimination so if you have any idea's how I would go about starting that please e-mail me at Deneen03@aol.com
Thanks and I love your work by the way and I also have a Rebel xti.

anthonette said...

Thanks for sharing that with us. That was really wonderful to read. Me too, I've been admiring your work over at HA and now I admire you even more.