Friday, April 03, 2009

Almost Done...well sorta

Okay, so I've got my blog near to completion, I'm not sure if I like this new template, but it will just have to do for now. I was able to get it rigged so I can post an email from my phone, got my Facebook all hooked up with my email too, now I just need to add some awesome artwork! I picked up some yummy goodies while in Boston last week-end and I might even have a play day tomorrow!

Oh, and if you all could do me a favor, please take my poll on the right, I'd like to see what type of stamps you all like to use. Thanks!!!

Enjoy the day!


LynneForsythe said...

hey girl....question....what size did you make your masthead? I want to redo mine but am not sure what size it needs to be!!

Shari said...

Het Lynne, email me...I checked your masthead and it's 760px × 110px (scaled to 660px × 96px), but I think you can go wider.

Shari said...

oh, that'

Lydia said...

It's awesome!

Check your feedburner settings and make sure you're set to full feed instead of summary would be my only tip!

I like how clean and bright it is - the colors are great!