Friday, March 13, 2009

When I have a

Hero Blog week...I become totally focused on that. Well this week was one of the best I've done yet. I had such a great time expanding my style to work with SHAPES. You can find the templates HERE

These are the projects I did....

A girly Crown

A Dreamy kinda Crown

An "Oh you're so old" Black Crown

A Sunburst Circle card out of scraps

Some Houses

A Sailboat

My Sailboat Video

Then there's my Star card inspired by Kristina Werner

Here's Kristina's star template

And finally my little Easter Wagon/cart

Have a great week-end and ENJOY!!!


Sarah said...

It was definitely a GREAT week, Shari! So inspiring! Thank you. :)

Paul B said...

Beautiful projects Shari. I've enjoyed waiting to see what each day has brought on the blog & I've not been disappointed. And Thx again for advice on taking photos - I've now assembled my own light tent yay. BTW It's red nose day here and I'm watching the big event on TV, I've been such a mush but the comedy balances it out.

Kerry said...

I have enjoyed every moment of your Hero Week - it's so amazing to come to your blog and see all of your gorgeous creations in one post :-0 WOW!! Thank you for spoiling us with your creativity!

daisy said...

Amazing ... the houses are my fav, luv the style & the colour palette you used ... & the embellishments ... Fab xx

retiredheather said...

Wow what a great collection of cards. I love the eggs in a wagon. Great ideas. thanks for the templates.

Jennifer said...

I can't believe how awesome these all are! I could spend the next several weeks trying out all of your ideas!

Thanks so much for sharing. And I love the color schemes you choose.


Cathy A said...

Thanks for a wonderful blog week filled with inspiraion.

Melanie E said...

I love the crowns, you just do such awesome work!

Laura said...

Beautiful and fantastic work..Laura

Helena said...

Scrumptious stuff!!!