Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's Red Nose Day coming up and my friend Paul brought us our own to wear. Cute! and it's for a good cause.

So, not only did he bring us noses but he made us the most delightful lunch which he hauled by train from Manchester to Birmingham. We ate our treat in the lobby of the NEC (trade show building). How sweet! Thanks Paul!!!

So I've had no other miss haps besides the chair in our room that launches me forward unexpectedly when it decides. It's a reclining type office chair that must be worn down a bit, it gives way every now and again hoisting me forward with much force. Tom laughs at me every time it happens and has warned me not to use it while applying my mascara. lol

The trade show is over. I'll be heading north with Dawn Bibby for a visit and classes at her place. I'm not sure of my internet connection from here on out, hopefully I can connect at Dawns house and keep you all informed.

If not, I'll be back to blogging next Monday once I'm home.

Cheers everyone!


joanne wardle said...

looking great in your red nose! must remember to get mine

Linda said...

Hope you stay clear of dangerous furniture and electrical appliances for the rest of your stay.

Be sure to wave down to me on your way home. I´ll bee keeping my eye on the sky!

Hugs, Linda

Paul B said...

Great to see you both. Glad you enjoyed the lunch - you are most welcome. Enjoy the rest of your visit.

Paul xx

retiredheather said...

Great photo. It looks like you are all about to have some great fun. Not to sound stupid but what are the red noses for?

Lisa Olson said...

Hi Shari, I bet your glad the show is now over though it looks like its all go go go for you.
We met briefly at the trade show on the Bramwells Stand. Looking forward to the next blog entry.

jana said...

Ha! :-)