Saturday, February 14, 2009

Okay, as many trips as I take over here, you'd think I'd learn..... Nope, not ME!

I called yesterday (before flying out) and found out my Blackberry won't work in the UK. Apparently because of the Nextel direct connect I insisted upon, the international feature on my state of the art device is not I lugged my HUGE laptop across the pond just so I could stay in touch. :o)

Once in my room and rested from the long flight plus the two hour train ride...I showered and readied myself for dinner. I plugged in my handy dandy power converter to use with my hair dryer with diffuser (brought from home because it's the only one that knows how to do my doo). The popping sound and sparks coming from the blow dryer was very scary....then I realized that the TV had gone off as well as all the light fixtures on the one side of the room....OMG what did I do?

Just as I was coming to grips with my Ashton Kutcher type actions, I heard ramblings from the room next to was at that moment that I realized my power surge had gone beyond my small confines. I was mortified at the thought that I might be paying for a new television and what ever equipment that could be ruined of my neighbors from my insistence of using my fine American electrical appliances. After a brief period of shock (inner self) I called the main desk, informed them of my wrong doing.

The nice man knocked on the door to tell us he had reset the breaker in the hall receptical....the TV resumed it's ever so wonderful glow and with a sigh of relief, I welcomed using the hotel dryer to finish the task I had started.

So, this is day one folks. The show starts tomorrow, I plan on posting another update of my UK experience in the evening.



Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

OH my!!! What an experience!

I ordered a embossing heat tool from my local lss... and the one that they got me ended up being the European plug in kind! I was so confused!!! And I live in rural Oregon! Go figure...

Good luck!

Paul B said...

Eek Good Start to your trip!!! Anything going wrong with electrics is always worrying. As for bad starts in hotel rooms, we stayed in France and first things first, took a shower. Nick went first and whilst in the shower decided to fiddle with altering the shower head. All I heard in the room was the sound of runnnig water then a crash and clatter as the shower head broke off in Nick's hands. Apparently not one you could alter. Try explaining that in French when you go to reception haha! They were very nice about it though and the next morning when we returned, the shower was fixed with a whole new head, no charge to us.

Have a fantastic show today! Hope you get to meet lots of lovely friendly faces.

Paul xx

Rachel Greig said...

Gosh Shari - that's quite a scare!! Glad it all worked out.

Hope you have fun at Stitches :)

JulieHRR said...

Sorry, Shari! I am ROLLING!!! Perhaps it is good for Europe that I've never made it off the North American continent . . . I would wreak all kinds of havoc!!! Enjoy the UK show--and no more sparks, girl!

Michelle W. said...

Well at least we get to hear about your exploits across the pond, since you ended up having to lug your trusty laptop! The hair dryer bit sounds like a sketch from the old BBC comedy, with John Cleese, Faulty Towers. Glad that just like in the television comedies everything turned out O.K., and that only your pride was hurt! Hope the rest of your trip is less eventful:)

Linda said...

ROFL!!!!!! Priceless ;)

Anonymous said...

Shari, Shari, Shari.... if I had been with you, this would never have happened.

(This will be my posting theme to your UK experience as I am still miffed that Tom is there instead of me.)


Kay said...

Somehow I could see you doing that. lol I'm glad it all came out good in the end. Just don't do anything you can't laugh at once it's over and after the train incident you already know to always wear clean underwear. lol

Hope you have a great trip and thanks for keeping us updated!

Love ya!