Sunday, February 15, 2009

May be we're missing something in our communication.

On our way back in from dinner we stopped by the front desk of the hotel to ask for some coffee packets for the morning (the maid had only left us with decaf...and we all know that decaff is NOT what we want in the morning).

About ten minutes after being back into our room we are entertained by a knock at the door.....the nice room service boy asks where we want our tray?


Paul B said...

Haha! Coffee, whats that??? Don't you know we drink tea in the morning over here Dahling!!! :D

Have to say I love the fact that they didn't bat an eyelid at what they thought was a request for six cups of coffee. You must have looked verrryy tired (backs away from being clipped round the ear haha)

Have another packed fun day!

Paul xx

Kelly Booth said...

Ha!! Your having quite an experience...thanks for Sharing!

Michelle W. said...

I know that British english and American english aren't quite the same...lift/elevator, lorry/truck, jumper/sweater, etc...but I thought coffee was coffee, and morning was morning! I hope you managed to find some caffeinated coffee some where this morning:)

Cindi said...

They must have sensed Tom's love for coffee!!

If I had been there, it would have been glasses of champagne.. much more fun!


jana said...

Drink fast!!! heehee :-)