Monday, February 02, 2009

When I flew out from Orange County (John Wayne Airport) on Thursday (mid-morning), the temperature was 72. I sat outside the terminal and jotted work notes in the bright sunshine....awwwwww so nice!!!!

Then I got home. To this!!!!

The good news is that we are to warm up next week in the 40's...I can't wait. The bad news? Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and says there is to be 6 more weeks of winter....ackkkkk!

As for CHA, I didn't have a chance to walk around, we were so busy in the booth. I was however able to chat with several Hero Arts blog followers and great friends from the industry. I love tradeshows!!!

I'm getting ready to head over to the UK in a few weeks. I'll be attending the Hobby Stitches show in Birmingham. I might stay over a few days to relax and enjoy my friendships I've made there.

Today, I'm planning on playing at my stamp desk...I'm way over due for creating pieces just for me. I'm so looking forward to it. I'll post what I make in a day or so.

Oh, I have a dermo check tomorrow, I'm not concerned about anything and expect to get through my 3 month check with no problems.

Thanks for hanging in here with me.


Paul B said...

Cross Fingers for your check up tomorrow Shari ((Hug))

Glad you enjoyed the CHA tradeshow. I've done the next best thing and taken a virtual online tour courtesy of youtube - though I haven't checked out Hero Arts booth yet - will do that after this.

Really looking forward to seeing you in the UK and hope the weather improves by the time you arrive here.

Take care, Paul xx

JulieHRR said...

Just one of your groupies who was excited to get to see and hug ya' again at the show! Stay away from the icicles; "those could kill somebody"--A Christmas Story, the movie

sueamour said...

That's great that you are coming to the UK again this year. I'm demoing there as well, hope to see you then. I'm sure your check up will be fine.

Tandra said...

HI Shari! I might've come and seen you-except I ended up with a flu bug and was sick all week! So bummed!
Its still warm here-until Thurs when th erain comes in! My friends blog has some great pics of the HA looked great!
Take care!

Michelle W. said...

Welcome back to the real world of the mid-west,Shari. It was -8F here in Iowa when I got up this morning:( Sending you positive thoughts for your check up:)I can't wait to see to see what you create at your desk-you were my first, and still my favorite paper crafting inspiration! Waiting with you for signs of Spring.

Linda said...

Brrrr...cold up here as well. I am SOOOO envious of you for being at the CHA. SOME DAY I will be there.

Why don´t you take a stop over flight through Iceland next time you go to England, now would be the cheapest way for you to go here, with the icelandic krona beeing down 50%. Making my CHA dream ever so much more distant.

Linda, Iceland

Kristy Cokayne said...

It may be cold, but that's a great photo! Love it!

Good Luck on your trip to the UK. Ironically, I fly the other way on Saturday to Argentina for work, so once again I'm not around when you will be here. Have fun, and bring lots of warm clothes as Birmingham is one of the places that has been worse hit with the snow that we have at the moment and apparantly more snow is on it's way.

We can't cope with snow here in the UK, I'm having to work from home today because I can't get my car down the hill without smashing into other cars! :o(

Anonymous said...

So glad you are visiting England. What stand will you be on at Birmingham show ?
Hope your check up went well.
Take care