Monday, October 20, 2008

Woman's Intuition

Where does it come from? How does it work?

Quick story...Shari and her car.

My car was due for an oil change, not an urgency.....just due...also over the last week I had noticed a bit of a whirl noise when accelerating. Being the daughter of a mechanic, I did my own diagnostics to determine that it was not the transmission, nor engine....but more like when I'm rolling along.

I had allowed Scooter to borrow it for a few days while he was getting his car fixed....but this last day when he wanted to use it, I said "NO!", "I'm thinking I need to get it in to the mechanic". That day, my car went in for it's oil change and check-up. Mechanic calls me...."When I put it up on the rack to have a look underneath, the noise you've been hearing is your wheel hub assembly starting to wear, doesn't need to be replaced yet, can do it when you get new tires".

"BUT", "I'm so glad you brought this in TODAY!", "As I was doing my inspection, the left front tie rod broke right in my hand". "I'm so glad you weren't driving when this happened!!!"

Is it Karma? Intuition? Regardless, getting my car in that day at that time was key. Had the tie rod broke while driving, it could have caused me (or Scooter) to have an accident and/or major suspension repairs. Instead....all was safe and my repairs were short of $100.

I guess the moral of this story is to listen to your inner voice. I'm glad I did.



Anonymous said...

Yikes! Whew! I'm so glad you took it in.

Anonymous said...

Isn't intuition great! Sounds like a car story from Click and Clack on NPR. New to your blog, I didn't realize that besides great art there would be great story telling! Thanks,

P.S. I bought your "Layers" book last week, and I really enjoying it!

Cindy Lyles said...

I'm so glad you listened to you inner voice! I agree - it talks to us, folks just need to listen to it more. Loved your holiday scraplings & shabby chic week on the HA blog!

Unknown said...

See, sometimes we DO know what we're talkin' about! :-)

Babsarella said...

WOW! Glad you were so observant and able to get your car to the mechanic in time.