Thursday, October 02, 2008


It's time to give you all an update. Thanks for your patience, as most of you know when I'm quiet, I'm usually working.....and working hard is what I've been doing.

Since coming back from Scrapfest, the next day I jumped right into the Hero Blog with my Shabby Chic projects using Tinkering Ink papers. What a fun week that was! Here's a couple shots of my favorite cards.

This is a combination of cards including a little scrapling.

And mini cards and tag.

Then it was back to work on the 2009 Catalog.....All I can say, in my 19 years with Hero Arts, these are some of the best stamps to land on my desk. WOW. So beautiful. Sorry to tease, I guess this is a warning for you to save your penny's and pence cuz you're gonna want some.

As part of my monthly duties, I do the Hero Arts technique article and what we call Product of the Month with four project cards. The end of the month is usually killer for me, late nights of sleep deprived creativity (when I usually make my best stuff). Somehow, I always get my work done, amazing!

Here's one of my technique cards....I wanted to do a fresh and funky Christmas card, I love non traditional colors! :o)

Fun ahe?

Here's a quick UK update. I will not be going over this month, looks like it will be February instead, just after the Hobby Stitches show. It works out better for me anyways with the catalog deadlines.

I'll be going out to California next month for a couple days of focus meetings at Hero. This is a great time to get together with the other artists and discuss our agendas and ideas.

On the Home Front:
I'm starting to see changes in the leaves, it's still a bit too early to get good photographs but fall is upon us. Our nights are getting much cooler (hoodies)... it seems like summer went by me so fast. I put the top down on the car any day I can now because soon the days of wind blowing through my hair will be replaced with shoveling snow.

I've got everyone working, the kids (actually adults) are employees of Pizza Hut, Target DC, Buffalo Wild Wings, and UPS. Oh, are you confused...thinking but Shari you only have two kids? HA! Yep, plus two that needed homes equals four. :o) And if everyone is available, we'll be renting a van to head up to Minnesota for Thanksgiving. Gotta love it!

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I hope this finds everyone well.



Anonymous said...

Always love seeing your art and hearing your updates!

Cassie said...

Your work is so inspiring. I love the shabby cards as well as the contemporary one!

Babsarella said...

Glad to hear all is good. Love your wonderful cards (as always) and the papers are really pretty (must go check them out). Hope you have safe travels and a fun time!

Paul B said...

Wonderful cards as always - intrigued as to what these new stamps will be!!!


Marlis said...

Glad to know it's just hard work keeping you away from your blog. I love your work.

Christina Ammann said...

Wunderschöne Karten, die gefallen mir äusserts gut!
LG christina

Anonymous said...


Jingle said...

Beautiful work!

Melanie E said...

OMG, what beautiful things you're creating! I hope that you're doing well, and keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

Shari, I am IN LOVE with your "scraplings"! They have all been adorable. They are my new favorite! I think you should feature these in the new catalog, and I'd love to see Hero Arts offer scrapling-sized envelopes.

Tandra said...

OMG Shari!! You have my DREAM job!!
All your work is AMAZING!!!

And guess what??? I graduated with you in '77 from Laguna!! I just found you in the Alumni part of LBHS website.
I was Tandra Bushman, now Tandra Boyer!
I also know your commenter JulieHRR from Splitcoast!!! LOL

Seriously-Dream Job!!
Check out my blog!

ginny said...

The cards are really beautiful. Hero arts is lucky to have you with them!

Linda M. Cain said...

Beautiful work! You're really in your groove now!
Linda Cain

Lavender Rose said...

I love the pretty papers you have used on these elegant creations, beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

what a beutifull colors , nice work!!