Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I took some time for me

Most of you know I'm busy when I don't post on my blog and I appreciate you still checking on me. THANKS!!! :o)
Let's see.... I've been to CHA and back got TONS of assignments to work on after the show. Got a few things up my sleeve that I'll share with you later.

I took some time out for me to get a tune up and oil change...It all started with my yearly eye exam. My eye doctor asked if I'd had my cholesterol checked recently (panic and a sudden hot flash) NO it had been over 20 years!!! In fear of blowing up, I immediately scheduled for a blood test and physical...I run to the store to get Cheerios and check out labels for what my diet consists of (most everything is no or low fats) eeeeeek! I'm thinking I'm looking at genetic cholesterol issues (pills).

SOOOOOOO....after a 12 hour fast I get blood drawn and while they're in there, I asked for them to do a CBC and hormone levels. The next day I get my results back...I talk to the nurse and she is elated to tell me that I have the blood of a 20 year old. (What, I'm not going to spontaneously combust today???) "No...AND" she adds "you are post menopausal"...oh alleluia!!!

My cholesterol is a healthy 194 (L-64) (H-115) and triglycerides are 75. So now I'm wondering what my eye doctor I go back in there with my blood tests...he said he saw the beginning of a white ring. I ask my mom about it because she has the most unusual eyes (brown, blue and white rings) my uncle (brown and blue rings), my sister is beginning to get blue rings with her brown eyes). I have blue eyes with yellow around the I've got to wonder if they are just going to change like the rest of the family.

Back to the eye doctor....I think he's loosing it...I get my new glasses and everything looks warped....CAN'T have that! (another reason why I have not been on the computer) He makes me a pair of glasses for computer them back yesterday...warped as well. He said he adjusted for my astigmatism but I think he's got it all wrong. I've got another appointment with him to get both pair fixed. Note: I went to another doctor last year because this doctor had screwed up the prescription on my lenses the year prior...but decided to give him another chance.
Note to self: Find a new eye doctor. But am great full that he asked about my cholesterol because it made me evaluate my health.

So on my journey to health..I also had a body check with a new dermatologist. Everything looks good, nothing to cut off for now! Whoohoo!

I still have my physical coming up in a couple weeks, will let you know how that goes.

So now that I've bored you with my story, it's time for me to return to my desk (with older eyeware) and create some cards.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying summer!


trish said...

Hi Shari,

It looks like I'm the first one to post! I didn't want you to think no one cares about your health. It appears you enjoy life without it impacting your health in a negative way. That's a good thing. Enjoy the rest of your summer.


JulieHRR said...

Hey, girl! {{{{{{Shari}}}}}} Glad to hear the tune up revealed everything in good working order! 'Cept the eye issue . . . I know I sure need new specs and prolly bifocals . . . I have been stubbornly resisting a trip to the eye doc for about 5 years now (smack me, eh?!) . . .

In any event, when you got sumpin' to share, I'll be eager to see those tricks up yer sleeve you alluded to . . . by golly, it'll prolly make me salivate! ROTFLMBO! Hugs, Julie

Paul B said...

Good to hear you've been given a clean bill of health. I've been thinking about Cholesterol tests but keep procrastinating. Your post has prompted me to look into it again. A recent eye test showed I could do with glasses - which is a whole new minefield to me :) Hope I have better luck than you seem to have had.

Looking forward to seeing your next work and projects


johnsonsbasement said...

Shari, i work for an eyecare center in Munster, IN and lots of people get that white ring around the eye. it can mean hi-chloestrol in most people ,but there are some people that that is where the deposit chloestrol. can't wait to see your latest work.

cruzinkellster said...

You desearve some time for YOU....
Be careful of those check ups when you get to be our age...they seem to lead to more and more tests...LOL!

Cindi said...

Dang... I thought "me time" meant massages, pedicure and manicure, hair and makeup followed by a shop-till-you-drop excursion and topped with a delicious dinner and cocktails!!
You neglected the all important mamogram. Get on it!! ;-)

Cindy Lyles said...

Hi Shari - good news about the cholesterol - but sorry to hear about the eyeglasses - that is so not fun. Thanks for a reminder about the dermatologist. I need to make an appt.

NanaBeth said...

Congratulations on having great blood. I'm having the same type issues with my glasses. It is so frustrating!