Saturday, April 19, 2008

been MIA

Well, I did it, I've gotten myself a new's a took me DAYS (and NIGHTS) to get all my files switched over, I had so much stuff pictures....bookmarks...and passwords......but the task is done. I'm a happy Camper!!! Got it on sale toooo, 250g hard drive with 3g ram, and a good graphics card. I'm going to test drive the video editing program in a couple days...keeping my fingers crossed!

I am awaiting my photoshop cs3...the UPS tracker says it's on the truck for delivery. I've been without an photo editing program since getting this haven't been able to work on any pictures to share.

I taught a class at my local stamps store this past week-end, was fun, a great group of people. We did movable parts cards....everyone of them had something that moved, opened, or swung open. I need to take pictures of the samples...edit them and will share what we did.

OH for any of you who are interested, my friend Robin Beam from Ranger is having a contest on her blog. Check it out HERE.

On the Hero front, I'll be the artist blogger the week of May 19-23. Please come by and share your comments. I'm in the planning phase of my week and I'm working on some beauties!!!
I'm also heading up the stamp craft for the month, plus my technique article...come check them out on May 1st. :o)

Guess what's in my driveway...BROWN...time for more installation! I'll check back later today and hopefully will have some pictures to share!!!



Jana said...

Can't wait to see the cards you taught!

Laura said...

Hi Shari - my old desktop crashed a while back & I built a new it does take forever to get all the files transferred & set up, eh? But it's a great feeling working on a new machine!

I didn't mention it before, but great job on your week on the Hero blog. Loved it have such an impeccable sense of design. You keep us all inspired! I've added a link to this blog on my blogroll list...hope you don't mind! :)