Friday, March 07, 2008

more pictures of my UK workshops

I thought I'd put together a slide show so that I could share all the pictures I had from my UK workshops. I didn't want to leave anyone out.....I was not able to capture all of my victims on film...if I missed you, I'm so sorry.

Life has been returning back to normal...or as normal as it can get since my time away from home...I've caught up on laundry...somehow, I've managed to clean house a bit too. The boys had everything in order when we returned home...our oldest, Brooks, stepped up to the plate and showed his responsibilities as an adult...he shopped for groceries, put everyone on a paper plate budget, had the garbage removed on schedule (probably to conceal the evidence of a party) everything was somewhat clean and tidy (for young adult males).

For me, it was back to work immediately, designing for the website and upcoming shows. I'm heading off to Boston towards the end of the month and I've just about wrapped up one of my class projects (as of last night)... it's a desk organizer made from a peek-a-boo album by's so darn cute!!! I'll share photos of it when I can....can't spoil the surprise as of yet.

I'm looking forward to spring...really badly this year....looks like we'll be in the 40's next week..that's almost t-shirt weather!!! :o)

I hope everyone is having a great day!

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