Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm back from my journey across the pond

I had the most fantastic time teaching workshops at Topaz Crafts in Oswaldtwistle...I taught 5 in all in 3 days time. Hello to my new friends!!!!

I had to laugh because the bottom photo shows what the table looked like during a frenzy of stamping....they call this a "messy" class because of the free form style that I taught, I call if "messy" because of the table...tooo funny!!!

Unfortunately, Tom was off to a Football game the last portion of my class, so without my handy assistant, I did not think to get out my camera to snap shots of the rest of my students. I would have loved to get one of Paul and I together.

My mind is still spinning as I decompress from my adventures that took me to CHA in California (5 days), back to Chicago (for just a nights sleep and a load of laundry) on to Manchester UK (7 hour flight), a drive down to Birmingham UK (2 hours)for the Hobby Stitches tradeshow (5 days, 2 workshops, 3 days of demonstrations), a drive north to Lancashire, Blackburn and Oswaldtwistle for my final workshops. We flew home yesterday (8+ hours) just in time to beat the snow storm that has over 300 flights canceled or delayed at O'Hare airport.

This morning as I look outside, we are blanketed in snow which has the smallest of branches on the trees covered...I'll be out with my camera as soon as I drink a few more pots of coffee...lol.

I will write more tomorrow...for today though I'm going through some 100+ emails and sorting through my work assignments.



Michelle said...

What a trip! I'm glad you're home and that you enjoyed your trek across the world.

Babsarella said...

What a whirlwind trip!!! You must be totally exhausted! Glad to hear you are back safe and sound. Hope you enjoy some time to relax and recharge!!

Paul Browning said...

Thanks for a great time Shari. There is a photo of me which Pam opposite took which I will pass on. Glad both you & Tom had a safe journey home. Those flourish stamps we used are V. popular here now I've shown them to friends. Everyone wants a set. Put your feet up for a couple of days - you deserve it - and hopefully see you soon in sunny uk :)

Paul x

Rachel Greig said...

Hey Shari - thanks for the update! Glad to hear you had a great time (although exhausting!)
Can't wait to see more pics of the snow!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari and Tom, So glad you both arrived home safely. It was a wonderfull weekend at Topaz crafts with you both. I hope to meet you again and attend ALL your workshops. lol. I throughly enjoyed the workshops they were very inspirational.

Thankyou to you both.

Cindy Lyles said...

Glad the trip went well!! Love the shot of that table!! LOL!!!

Paula said...

That class looks like a lot of fun! I love it when my workspace is messy. It makes me feel like a real "artist", LOL.

JulieHRR said...

Oh, how AWESOME! I envy the chicks sittin' around the table with you--FUN!!!

I was so bummed; I actually brought my "Layers" copy with me to CHA so I could git yer "art-o-graff" (*snarf!*), and by the time I popped into the HA booth, you had already left, preparing for your trip across the Pond, I am sure . . . I missed getting a hug from you, argh!, but, so cool to see the fun you had in these pics!
Hugs, Julie