Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm finally seeing the light of day....

Wow, I've been so incredibly busy...but finally, today, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Things came together this evening as I taped up the box of class kits that are being shipped to the UK for Hero Arts. I've cut all the little bitty pieces, punched the tiny circles and cut ribbon, bagged them all, packed them and alas....they are out of my hands. Kinda like giving birth and watching your kids go off into life....not really, I'm just sleep deprived and loopy.

I've written all my instructions and provided scans and supply lists...all to be printed NOT by me :o)

My technique article is done for February, and I like it!!!

I worked on some samples of new images that are to die for, really nice stuff coming down the tube, that was unexpected work for me, but I kept up...somehow!

What's left to do before I head out to CHA next week?

I've got to finish a bit of prep work on my classes I'm doing for Dawn Bibby at Topaz, I can relax and work less feverishly. I'm packing them in an extra suitcase so I'll have it packed up and ready to go.

I've got to wash my "show" clothes...I've got some "Hero Arts" ware to wear. :o)

I got some new CROCS just for shows, they are a bit more professional than the holy ones...and just as comfy.

OH...gotta mention this....I got a new haircut a few weeks ago from a friend of mine that is now doing hair...totally love the cut!!! I haven't lightened my hair in ages, was interested in seeing what my natural hair color was really like....so Candy my hair dresser insisted on lightening back up for me. I went in Saturday for a slight trim and the treatment........I left that place looking like I should be stripping on a pole. She had my hair so UP it was hysterical. I love her because she's not afraid to step out of the box when doing hair. Once home and out of the shower, the wildness was tamed. I still love the cut and color....you'll have to check me out at CHA.

I'm leaving you with a shot of one of the classes I'm teaching in the UK. This is the collage card class, which is one of four. I'll try to post the others in the next few days.

I'll try to do better at blogging now that my life is feeling somewhat normal again.
love and hugs to you all!!!


Rachel Greig said...

Oh woe is me... to think I could have seen you at CHA and at Stitches... bring on 2009 I say! LOL. Have a great time at CHA with Wendy - I'm sure you'll be throwing popcorn at each other across the aisle. :)

And LOVE those cards!!! You're the collage queen!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari

Are you only demo'ing at Topaz in the UK ? Are you doing anything else ? When are you on TV here?

I live in London, so can't get to Topaz, unfortunately !

Best wishes

Wendy said...

WOW x's 5!!! Well worth the LONGGGGGGG wait!! You are incredibly talented, which explains why I signed up for another year as president of your fan club. I love the position & the power!

I just got the new Hero catalog. They have come out with some REALLY wonderful stamps. I had to grab a kleenex...the drool was everywhere.

So, my pole friend, guess I'll see you soon!! Believe me...I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Stampamelbie said...

Your cards are beautiful, Shari! You've been very busy! Hope to catch you online soon. Say hey to the boys too!

Babsarella said...

WOW! I love the way you have all the cards on the photo holder...great idea!!! Now I need to find a lovely photo holder like that!! Can't wait to see a photo of your new do! Love the new crocs. I am a big fan. I have the navy regular (with holes) and the winter style with the lining in black.

Paul Browning said...

Hi Shari

I'm one of the lucky ones Who's coming to see you at Topaz. Looking forward to the collage and layering class (plus the tags one - thought I'd make a day of it) Really looking forward to it. I have had your Layers book for sometime and it's one of my handful of faves (I've hundreds of books but yours is one of those I pick up more than the others). You're one of my art heroes (and I dont have many) so really excited to have the chance of taking a class with you.

Love what you've shown and I'm sure all the hard work will be worth it (I can certainly relate to the various stages you have to go through in designing classes, having done it myself - so glad its not just me who goes thorugh as many processes)

Have a safe Journey

Paul x

Valonda L. said...

Those are VERY nice. Such a great variety. Everyone in the class is going to have a wonderful time.