Tuesday, December 18, 2007

are you tired of me not posting?

I am.....lol
I have my blog as my home page, and believe me, I'm aware when I don't post. I see the same page everytime I turn on my computer. it does get boring after awhile, once again, I'm sorry.

I've been working my tail off, in fact, I've put in 66 hours in one week. This is usually a slower time for me, be we at Hero Arts have been cookin up something REAL special for your viewing pleasure. Can't wait to share!!!

I finally broke away from my work for a few hours yesterday to begin some Christmas shopping. I'd had my eye on some electronics for my boys since black friday....only to watch the prices go up and up. I checked online yesterday and saw that Circuit City had what I was looking for (Yay) at the sale price I was hoping for. I also scored on some free shipping (yayay) for a camera that will arrive tomorrow (for my oldest boy). Then I went to get my husband some work boots and scored a second pair of boots (for the boy that lives with us) at half price. I kicked butt on deals. Was a good day.

Today/Wednesday is my anniversary, 21 years. I may go out and treat myself to a haircut and some new clothes......because 911 get this!!!
I'm going to be appearing on TV when I go to the UK. On February 18, I'll be demonstrating for an hour on Ideal World. They will be selling my book and have asked me to demonstrate. I think I may have to get a little liquored up first, but hey, what fun will this be.

I got some exciting news last week. My friend Wendy will be across the isle from me at CHA....I'm predicting thunderous laughter for days as we ogle each other. I'll have to wear depends for sure.

I'm leaving you with a scrapbook page that just went up on the Hero Website. I've been enjoying the sights of winter because of the frost, ice and snow. It is so pretty to look at.

I promise to update in a couple days!!!


Rachel Greig said...

Yay for you Shari being on UK TV! What a hoot that will be! But not half as much fun as being across from Wendy - what a riot you are both going to be! Sigh.... wich I was heading over for this one too :)
Glad you've posted!!

Wendy said...

1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the layout!!! Absolutely PERFECTION!!
2. TV...holy cow!!!!!!! I'm impressed!! Make sure your "subjects" get a link to see this act!! Bet yopu'll be up for an ACADEMY AWARD!!
3. CHA...YIPPEE!!! I will pack an extra Depends,just to be prepared! I will TRY to behave, but you know how that goes...no guarantees!
5. POOR Tom...21 years?? He's one hell of a guy!!

Sylvie :) said...

I don't get tired to come here... I always love your job !

Kristy (Brayergirl) said...

Well done on your UK TV gig Shari! I watch Ideal World quite a bit myself (often have it on in the background whilst I'm crafting) Let me know if they have any other presenter slots going! LOL

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh.....I would have to get a little liquored up myself! Congrats...and I hope they sell a gazillion of your books! :-)

BTW....Happy Anniversary! I hope you treated yourself (and Tom) to something really fun! ;-)

cain81 said...

You and Wendy across the isle?!?!?!CHA will never be the same...what a hard act to follow! You'll be a real treat on TV, I just hope your true personality comes out and they get to see what a wonderfully funny and entertaining gal you are...good luck and keep us posted!