Sunday, November 11, 2007

We're Dreaming of a GREEN Christmas

You may rembember me posting this picture of the light bulbs sometime back, My son Brooks had purchased enough energy saving bulbs to supply the entire household, and he used his own hard earned cash.

Now this picture will represent my cause.

I have put forth a challenge for my family this Christmas. We all must choose one gift that will reduce our own carbon footprint.

I have decided that I want a PUR water filter system installed on my kitchen faucet. I am very guilty of buying cases of bottled water because our tap water is NASTY! So to do my part, I want to reduce the plastics that we use. I will also get reusable bottles for each of us, and maybe even some extra for friends.

Brooks had no problem coming up with things, but is undecided. He would like either a compost bin...or a water catch barrel for our rain gutters.

I'll keep you informed as to what the rest of the family comes up with.

Great idea AYE?

I hope others will catch the bug and do something (even small) for the Earth this Christmas!
Enjoy! :o)


Rachel Greig said...

Great idea Shari!

Michelle said...

What a fabulous idea!

kay said...

What a great idea Shari! I haven't been on in awhile so am catching up on what you've done and I must say I love the last few posts...maybe cause you're encorporating my favorite colour...naw, you're just damn good. lol

Cindi said...

I would like to be "green" by asking for cash. Lots of green cash... it doesn't even have to be gift-wrapped!

Just kidding!

Great idea, Shari... I want some recycling bins to help facilitate getting our stuff out to curb!

Cindy Lyles said...

This is an awesome idea!! Your son sounds as incredible as you!! composting: we use a Bokashi composting system and and love it.

ginny said...

How wonderful you and your family are!
I decided I was not going to buy any gift that was made outside the USA this year (this is more difficult than it seems) Now I think I will concentrate on it being "green" also.
Thank you for sharing.

jjpluto said...

We have a rain barrel at our house to water our flowers beds for the past two years. We loved it so much that we picked it up and moved it with us to our new house :-)

Another "green" gift is a canvas bags for shopping. We gave canvas bags out to three of our family members this year.