Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Okay, so my friend Wendy has TAGGED me…oh what to say……what to say.
I’ve got to come up with 7 weird things about myself…could be scary…then I have to tag 7 others…that part is easy enough :o)

So here goes….
Weird factoid #1.
I drink Carnation Instant Breakfast every morning; have done it since I was in Jr. High School (back in the days when it and light bulbs were invented). It has become my comfort food.
Weird factoid #2.
I sleep with socks on and a pillow between my knees…it’s something about skin sticking to skin that I don’t like.
Weird factoid #3.
I pee when I sneeze, cough a lot or laugh hysterically. I have a method for not embarrassing myself when shopping…it’s known as the; stop, cross, and hold sneeze motion.
Weird factoid #4.
When I was young, I had a problem with my taste buds; I was caught drinking/eating things….like: perfume, denture clearer, bug spray, and then the dooozy… Muriatic Acid (pool cleaner); which put me in the hospital and left me ill in the gut for a year or so.
Weird factoid #5.
I was a baby delivering machine! My first son (8lbs/12oz) was delivered in FIVE pushes. My second son (8lbs/1oz) was delivered in ONE push.
Weird factoid #6.
I was once very shy, I mean really, really shy…so NOT what I am today.
Weird factoid #7.
I am 5’8” tall, the height of my father (not tall for a man)….the rest of my family (mom and sisters) are short… 5’1”, 5’ 1½”, 5’3”. I’m the weirdo tall-ish girl with a boy-ish figure.

Okay that wasn’t so bad….nothing too embarrassing…could have added in my bra size, but that’s another story.

Now for my victims:
"Chuck" Michelle Charles


Wendy said...

You are hilarious!!!
Here's my comments...
#2...POOOOR TOM!!!
#3...We saw this demo @ CHA...way funnier than anything on TV!
#5...I'm surprised you didn't have a dozen!!
THANKS for playing!!
ps...POOR TOM!!

Rachel Greig said...

So funny Shari :) Love your answers!!!!

cain81 said...

Funny, I sleep the same way til my feet get hot, then I have to push off the socks onto the floor, or else I have a weeks worth of socks in the end of the sheets.
Ha! Like Wendy said, we saw #3 demo'd @CHA!