Tuesday, October 09, 2007

oh holy cow.... I'm so bad!

Well, my excuse for not "blogging" this time is that we've started the 2008 catalog...no time for fun (sorta).

So far in the past couple weeks, I've completed 45 cards and 3 scrapbook pages. I'm a slow stamper..I tear things apart and redo a lot of my work till it's right (in my eye). So acutally what I've done is not much...but I'm proud :o)

I went to the Paolo Nutini concert, had a great time catching the train with my niece and her friend, lived to tell about the cab ride from hell. Paolo, what can I say. We were soooo close to the stage, the groupies didn't mind sharing their space with us. Paolo is so painfully shy, we had a hard time determining if he was drunk, drugged or just avoiding the crowd...I felt bad for him.

Donny Little on the other hand was awesome, fantastic guitarist, has such great stage presence and is quite the looker himself. Being so close, the speakers and amps were to the sides of us, which moved the sound behind and away ...it ended up distorting the music quality. After a few songs, I joined my sister up in the balcony in a comfy seat and could hear much better. I had brought a pair of binoculars so I was a happy camper.

As we waited in line outside the theatre, we eagle eyed the tour bus constantly hoping for a glimps of anyone that might peak out from inside. Only saw a few roadies.

So I made it through this one, no embarrassing moments to report, no backstage passes or girls throwing their bra's. The crowd was calm, and like us they were there for the music and eye candy. All was well. :o)

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Babsarella said...

Sounds like a fun adventure!!! Wish I could have been there. Too bad Paolo was not more personable. Looking forward to Maroon5 on the 20th (haven't been to a concert in forever).