Friday, October 19, 2007

coming up for air again :o)

Well my catalog work is going great. I seem to be on a roll this year, focused, productive...probably putting out my best stuff yet. I'm enjoying some new cardstock colors Hero has picked up as well as some FANTASTIC stamps.

You know how I'd love to share with you, but I can't...I also hate teasing, so I'll leave you with the facts. I've created 58 cards and 3 scrapbook pages to date. I get a weeee bit of a break for a day or so as I only have 2 assignments that are due on Tuesday. From here on out I'll be creating one card per stamp as the ensembles have been through the photo shoot already. This will start to get tricky as we get down to the wire, the fast turnover stuff is to come as we find missing holes.

I've shot all of my cards in the light box and will start the instruction and supply list process in my down time. Eventually every card that was made regardless if it is in the catalog, will be on the website, so we have to have the images available.

I'm already getting "mentally" geared up for next year's shows. As soon as I'm done with catalog cards I've got to start planning my class cards. CHA will be Feb 10-13th in Anaheim. I'll be leaving early on the last day of the show BECAUSE...I've got to leave the next day to head over to the UK. Yep, fly home one day, leave the next. This will be exciting though, Tom will go to the UK with me once again...and I'm heading north after the tradeshow to teach classes for Dawn Bibby. It will be fun as I love to connect with the people over there.

Well that's what's been on my mind. Thanks for hanging in there with me. :o)


Rachel Greig said...

Great to hear from you Shari! I won't be heading to CHA or Stitches this year - but hope to next year. Have fun at Dawns!!! :)

Babsarella said...

Sounds like you have been super busy, but very creative, and I hope lots of fun!!! Looking forward to seeing all you have been creating!!! P.S. Check out the new Ingrid Michaelson CD if you haven't already...really nice!!!

JulieHRR said...

Yes, breathing! I'm so glad to know all is well with you, and I can just imagine all the stampy goodness you have been up to! I'm startin' to bounce while I think about it, cuz I know when I see it, I'm gonna shriek: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!

What a whirlwind you have ahead of you--CHA, then Stitches immediately after! Can only imagine the exhaustion, altho I know it must surely also be a ton of FUN!

{{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}} Can't wait to see this coming Hero Catty!!! Patience is a virtue . . . of which I have none! pppffffftttttt!!! Bwah ha haaaaaaaaaaa!!!