Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Still kicking........

Wowzers....I'm so bad, or is it that I'm busy, can't decide.

Scrapfest was a HUGE success...meaning busy, busy, busy. I taught my classes which was great fun! Had 100 students in all, they were excited, kept up to the fast pace and very greatful!!! I taught at Smudges, a stamp store in Chanhassen, had 17 students there, not bad for a one week notice, I miss teaching at stores, and would like to do it more often. I didn't get much shopping done at the mall of America, no time...although the first night there I spotted an adorable purse at Clarks that I picked up the following day.

I did Holiday cards the entire's no wonder I'm not in the mood to make my own.... What you ask? Shari doesn't make her own holiday cards? NOOOOOOOO, I don't...if I happen to get any out in the mail...they are usually store bought...I know, it sounds funny coming from a card maker, but I'll tell you why.

I start on Holidays somewhere around April each year....and it goes right on through Fall. By the time December hits...I'm spent on the holiday stuff.

Also, I've just started on the 2008 Hero catalog samples, we will complete the samples somewhere in October. After that, I work on class card samples and start the planning for the trade show season that starts in February.

I take my break in December and January, although I still have web stuff to do, so sending cards, not really on the top of my list.

I will be hit and miss on my postings for about a month...when I'm on catalog, we get stamps on one day and have to send samples back the next, life gets hectic. So bare with me I'll try to do my best at keeping you entertained!

Oh and I just found out...Today is national "Talk like a Pirate Day" argggggg to you all! lol


Rachel Greig said...

argggg, right back at ya :)
Glad to hear you're still alive and well!!! Thanks for the update!

Michelle said...

You get stamps one day and submit samples the NEXT day? Geez....that would stress me to the MAX! What if you just don't have any Mojo that day? LOL!

I know how super busy you are. But it's great to know you're alive and kicking!

Shari said...

Thanks Michelle, I need to say that in the beginning of catalog season we have a few days with the rubber, towards the end when we do fill in cards, that's when it gets day stuff. And the mojo, yes I lose it a lot, sleep depervation seems to

Babsarella said...

Too funny...I only make holiday cards for people at school or husband's office. All the family and friends get purchased cards...60 is just too many on top of all the others. But, I do usually get the photo cards, so they get a little something nice!!