Thursday, September 20, 2007

Guess what I got today!!!!!

Tickets to see Paolo Nutini Yep, you read it right! lol

My neice is turning 19 in a week or so and I'm taking her to his concert. It couldn't be any more perfect of a gift for her. This summer I'd given her his cd, she loves his music, as do I. So I was doing a search the other day to see if there was anything new on him, and I found that he was playing in Chicago, just days after her birthday. WHAT timing, and a wonderful small venue! I'm so excited, I haven't been to a concert in about 15 years, the last one was Rod Stewart when we still lived in California, I had won the tickets by calling a radio station. lol

I was a huge concert buff in my teens and twenties, I saw the best of the best from The Guess Who, Zepplin, Queen, Pink Floyd, The Stones, YES, Genisis, Styx, Robert Plant and the Honey Drippers, John Fogerty, Sammy Hagar, Sting, George Michael, Peter Frampton, David Bowie, the "rock" list goes on and on....there were also Jazz classics like Al Jarreau and even some reggae like the Untouchables, Fine Young Cannibals, add in some Elvis Castello, and you can get a pretty good idea of the range of music that I enjoy.

It is funny, now that I'm older I don't go any more. It could be that living in Southern California we had so many choices of concert venues. In 1974, when I was just 14, my sisters and I went to California Jam 1 What was my mom thinking letting me go to that????? You've got to check out who played by clicking the link...we stayed over night to wait for the gates to open....YIKES!!! I think there was 250,000 people there, wowzers!

Ok, enough rambling, thought I'd share.


tyreiko said...
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Shari said...

Tyreiko said....Hey Shari!
This comment is only related by music only, but The Jersey Boys (musical) cast from SF will be moving over to Chicago at the end of this month. I just saw them in SF, and you simply must go see them! The cast is outstanding... not sure if the music is your style, but hey, it's music! And it was GREAT! I wish I could see them again in chicago... and to end this random comment, take a look for yourself:

Shari said...

somehow I deleted that comment above during my sorry. I checked out the link, my girlfriend would LOVE those guys, she is into the oldies. Thanks!!! :o)

Cindi said...

It's okay that you haven't been to a concert in 15 years, I'm just glad I will get to be with you as you re-enter the concerting community!!! ;-)

Cindi said...

It's okay that you haven't been to a concert in 15 years, I'm just glad I will get to be with you as you re-enter the concerting community!!!

Babsarella said...

Oh man, I am SO JEALOUS!!! I think I need to see if he is gonna be in my area!! Hey Shari, if you like KT Tunstall, she has her new CD out, and it is mighty good. So funny, when she sings the work 'body', it sounds just like Paolo...Scottish accent I guess!!! Speaking of concerts, I have not been in AGES, but we actually have tickets to see Maroon 5 in a few weeks. COOL!!!

Renee (redhead68) said...

I ask myself the same question..."what was my mom thinking letting me go to the Prince concert at 16?" Have a great time at your concert!

linda said...

250.000 people! whowser...that is like the WHOLE population of ICELAND! ROFL!

I never get to go to concerts, since not alot af popular groups hold concerts here, well....wonder why! LOL. But it is getting better nowadays, We´ve had some great artist perform here these past few years, but I never seem to go. Andrea Bochelli is doing a concert in couple of weeks on 250milies away, and I ALMOST bought a ticket. But I might still go. Who knows.

Hugs. Linda, Iceland

Stampamelbie said...

OMG I can totally relate! I went to a ton of concerts before. And I don't know what My mom was thinking when she let me to to my first Day on the Green in the 80's! Just me and my best friend...OMG, I would NOT have let Ashley go if it was me! LOL

Glad you got to go to the concert, and sounded like you had a great time!