Thursday, August 30, 2007

September is tomorrow?

Now how did that happen? I'm just getting into summer!!! Wow, time files when you're having fun. So what have I been doing with all my time lately you ask? ....farting around mostly, tying up loose ends, searching for new product for Hero to carry, getting ready for Scrapfest at the Mall of America, got my Sept. technique article done, worked on a few web cards, oh and a PaperCrafts card that got accepted.

I've also been playing with light boxes....that was the most fun, I like to figure things out and learning about the functions of my digi camera was interesting. I guess I didn't read the instructions very well when I got it (3 years ago). It does stuff I didn't know it could. :o) DUH!

For today, I'll leave you with a little card I made that didn't get accepted to Papercrafts magazine. It's a photo card with fun stuff around it.



Babsarella said...

Cute cute card!!! Sounds like you have been mighty busy. Too funny about the directions...I hate to read them too. That's why I don't ever record on my dvd/vcr player.

Michelle said...

I'm been checking your blog just to see if maybe my Google Reader was snubbing you! LOL!

Great card....I love your work!

Shari said...

Thanks Barb! Funny what happens when you read :o)

Michelle, I was mad at the I didn't post, I'm over it now, cooooky me. :o)

Stampamelbie said...

Cool card Shari! I can't believe it is going to be september too. Boy, did this summer go by fast! I wonder what happened to my instruction book?? LOL You can tell I didn't read it either.

Rachel Greig said...

Great card! How cute is your dog!! I'll be in that issue too :) yay!

shari fan!! said...

Hi Shari

I can't wait to see you at Scrapfest. Hero rocks baby.

Ohhh the celeb factor!!!

Do you remember me??? A MN fan????

Anchor Paper?? We go way back.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

your card is so sweet! love it!

JulieHRR said...

Felt like I'd been out in a desert . . . until I came here to visit you--been faaaaar too long since I had my last Shari-fix, that's fo'h sh'oh!!!--and so, here I sit, drinkin' it all in . . . that beautiful oasis. Mmmmmmm. I'm so *happy*!!! (cheesy grin).

Ack--the acursed spammers! I agree: *SO* rude!!! >:^{ (waving my angry fist at 'em!)


Cindi said...

OMG.. that is the CUTEST dog EVER!! Oh wait! That is my Bailey-Boo!!! ;)
Cute card!