Friday, July 06, 2007

an old card

but I still like it, I'm not sure what-ever happened to it.

I found this image when I was searching for some technique cards to demonstrate with for CHA. I love doing shape cards....

I started by cutting a card into a circle, then added strips of paper. I printed the "dank u" in mirror image onto a transparency, then stamped "Thank You" in white over top on the front side. The transparency is adhered to the card by tucking it under the strip with the tiny "thank you".



Godelieve said...

I'm glad you found this "old card". It's a beautiful combination of circles and stripes. Fun to see my language (dank u) too :)

Michelle said...

Too funny that Godelieve has already commented on this card. I thought of her when I saw it! Nice work! :-)