Monday, July 02, 2007

my technique is up, I can share now :o)

Here is a sample from my technique article titled, Arch cards. I'm quite proud of them. I included a template for everyone to use. Thanks for looking!

enjoy!!! :o)


wbv1213 said...
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wbv1213 said...

As usual...ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING! Love them all. Do you ever make anything that turns out ugly?
Wendy Vecchi

Cindy Lyles said...

Beyond gorgeous!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ohlala! I love this little gem - everything you do is done with such style and class! Keep up the good work...oh and another book please!


Babsarella said...

I just checked this out today and LOVED all your amazing cards!!! I have been itching to try this out!!!

Stampamelbie said...

You are simply amazing!! Love this card. :) Thanks for sharing and I'll have to check out the technique at hero too!

Linda said...

Your work is simply amazing, and absolutely Gorgeous!I just Love your style! I Love what you did with the Eiffel Tower and Mona Lisa stamps, your eye for color and layering is unbelievable. Your book Layers, is womderful and I hope you put another one out! I look forward to more of your wonderful work...Thanks for sharing,

dini said...

Thanks for sharing your templates - I used them on a contest entry... and won!

Appreciate your blog - I read your updates via bloglines.

(dini/Mama Dini)

KardKrazy said...

Just beautiful. This has really inspired me to try an arch card!