Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm a rockin girl blogger!

My friend Michelle nominated me as having a rockin blog...THANKS Michelle!!!!(her blog rocks more :o) Michelle has coloring techniques that will knock your socks off. Everything she does is in great detail, well balanced, bright and cheery. :o)

So the rules are, I am supposed to nominate 5 other ladies with Rockin blogs...a very hard thing to do...some friends have already been tagged.

Here goes......more of my favorties....

1. Rachel Greig, not only a great stamper, but a lovely lady and extremely talented photographer!!!! She's from the land down under....check her out!

2. Sarah Vrolyk a terrific stamper and more recently caught the wonderful bug of digital.

3. Nancy James she does marvelous vintage pieces that are to die for, great style!

4. Barbara her collage work incorporates so many elements, a true talent.

5. Kristi is known for her brayering and layering of color, fantasitc inspiration. She resides in the UK...and travels much which is fun to keep up with.

I hope you enjoy my picks, thanks!!! :o)


sarah vrolyk said...

Thank you SO much, Shari! :)

Really put a smile on my face today. {{{{HUGS}}}} to you!

(You are pretty rockin' yourself!)

Babsarella said...

OMG!!! You picke me!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! WOW, that is SO COOL!!! I truly admire your work and all you have accomplished, so this just makes my day!!!

I agree with Sarah...YOU ROCK!!!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

thank you! Barbara came over and told me...I will add your link on the award! you ROCK you know!

Rachel Greig said...

Wow, THANKS Shari!!! :) You know I'm a HUGE fan of your work too, you rocker girl you!! :)