Sunday, July 22, 2007


I just got back from CHA in Chicago, had a blast and am exhausted!!!!
I usually get to walk the show a bit, but this time we were so SWAMPED, I couldn't get out. So I have nothing to report as far as new product goes......I did however, met some wonderful friends!!!!!

First there is Wendy, president of my fan ( I don't really have a fan club, but it's fun to dream). Wendy lives very close by to me, but we had never gotten together, now it's a must, I'll be needing my Wendy fix. Wendy's style is awesome, very distictive, vintage(y)...I love it! :o)

If you are wondering about the picture I've posted above, I've got a hoot of a story for you.

My husband came to join me at the show yesterday so we ended up with two cars in the parking garage. When we were leaving, we got together to head out and he showed me what was written on the back of our Jeep (now his vehicle)'s barely visible in the picture but it says...I love peas & you!!!

I looked at took me a little while, then I realized our license plate ...tsbnb4....which is my sign on name on 2peas in a bucket. My husband had no clue what it all we stood in the garage and I explained...I was laughing. But I've got to tell you, it was sometime later when we saw the note on the windshield....down the highway a bit, my husband beeped me on our nextell and read what he could see of the note as he was driving, ......"Shari, thanks, call me"....we pulled off the highway to eat a late lunch, it was then that I finally got to read the whole thing (so glad it didn't get caught by the wind) coooooky friend Wendy are way observant! Love you too! That made my day!!!!

I also got to meet Rachel Greig, "Neeky", from Austalia....another wonderful talented woman. Rachel is not only an accomplished stamper (she has her own line of stamps) her photography is "to die for". Check out the links I've provided, you'll see. :o)

Both these ladies have won Hero arts contests, and I've connected with them because of their styles, I was so pleased to FINALLY meet them in person. I feel honored to have them in my circle of friends.

My head is still spinning from the whole week-end of events, I'll gather my thoughts and check back in tomorrow.

Hugs to all!


Wendy said...

It's FATE!!! There was only one car between us!!
I was THRILLED to finally meet you & now, FOR SURE, I will forever be "PRESIDENT OF THE SHARI CARROLL FANCLUB".
Linda, Cecile & I laughed many times over the GROCERY STORE DEMO!
What a hoot you are.
Thanks for being soooo sweet to us.
Wendy said...

Wendy wrote the note, but I wrote on your window...glad you found it funny. Some people don't like others writing on their car!!!! We had such a great time, you guys are a hoot!!! Wish I had your grocery store act on tape for viewing on bad, fun, fun. I'm VP!
Linda Cain

Michelle said...

What a great story!

Well I'm definitely joining the Shari Carroll Fan Club! Sign me up, Wendy! :-)

I can see why you two connected. Her work is awesome! And it's soooo your style!

I want to hear more about the trip, so I will check back in tomorrow.

Wendy said...

OK Michelle...
Looks like we already have a VP...How about TREASURER for you...oops...that won't work. We have NO money...we spend it all on art supplies.
Looks like you'll be Seargent @ keep us all in line!

Wendy said...

OOPS...typo. Best change it before I get fired as president...



Babsarella said...

What fun!!! I hope one day to be able to go and experience CHA!!! Sounds like a blast!!