Friday, May 25, 2007

Sorry about that long laps between posts......

I got so screaming busy there for a bit. I'm in the process of planning Scooter's graduation along with working on Christmas, getting classes together for some upcoming trade shows, getting my Hero web stuff just got back today from a fantastic business trip to Hero Arts (2 days of brainstorming for your future veiwing pleasure!).

I'm pumped and ready to work on designing! it's amazing what a nap will do! :o)

I've left you with a shot of one of my technique cards featuring the new collage stamps. Enjoy! :o)


wbv1213 said...

Your work is soooo inspiring & THE BEST!!! LOVE it...the new collage stamps are really cool. I'm on a mission to find them today! Road trip!!
Wendy your spare time...probably between 2am & 4 am...I hope you're working on a new book!

wbv1213 said... did my initials get before your name?? YIKES!! Sorry!

Shari said...

Wendy, you are too funny! :o)

sarah vrolyk said...

Shari, your design is just drop dead gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing your creation. Sounds like you have been crazy busy. Anxious to see and hear what new Hero Arts stuff is on the horizon!

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

wbv1213 said...

Shopping report...NO COLLAGE stamps @ Archiver's. Looks like I'll have to order online.
So...about that new book???? Soon???
Happy Sunday!

Shari said...

you're cracking me up Wendy...we definitly NEED to meet! :o)

wbv1213 said...

I'm ready...whenever YOU can fit me in your (book writing/stamping/arting) schedule! HA!
I'll buy lunch!

Stampamelbie said...

Love your new card!! and the new stamps are way cool!! Did you design any of them? You should you know. Next time you're out here, we just gotta meet up! I'd love to see you again!

Keep up the excellent work!