Wednesday, April 11, 2007

playing around

It's been ages since I've had my alcohol inks out. I played last night and made some background papers, here's a sample. Now instead of using my original, I've scanned and printed it on photo paper. The fun thing is that I am able (through the miracles of computer programming) to make adjustments which gives me completely different looking colors....sooooo cool!! I'll be using them in the next couple projects that I post here.

So stay tuned!


Sylvie :) said...

This is a gorgeous background !! I can't wait to see your cards with it !!
YOur last cards are really beautiful!!

Sue McGettigan said...

Lovely colors, it'll be fun to see what you create from these backgrounds!

Stampamelbie said...

That is beautiful Shari! I wonder what you'll do with it now. Can't wait to see!

kay said...

I love this background Shari, and my favorite colours too.