Thursday, March 08, 2007

I've been playing around

in Photoshop. I've drawn up some swirls and flourishes and have learned (by trial and ERROR) how to turn them into brushes. This is exciting for me to learn because photoshop is such a beast. I'm attempting to take it by the horns!

The photo at the top is in the original state. Below it is the result of my play.


Susan said...

Love it! Are you willing to share the how-to with the rest of us struggling photoshoppers?

Godelieve said...

A very cute photo to start with! Great brushes! Beautiful result.

Babsarella said...

I agree...PS is such a pain to learn! Congrats on learning to make brushes. That is FANTASTIC! Someday I hope to be up to the challenge! I love the newly enhance photo!

Juliehrr said...

You, GO, girl!!! I still don't "get" brushes, but I'm tryin'. I have PSE 3.0 and highly covet version 5.0, which I hear is wonderful . . . some day . .. some day! Now, is did YOU take the picture??? So stinkin' CUTE!!!