Friday, March 16, 2007

How bad of a blogger can I be?

Probably the worst there ever is. I get so caught up in my day to day real life stuff. Laundry seems to have my attention at this very moment...where does it all come from??? I thought I finished it

So, here's the low down on this chick. I've been working on class cards for a small trade show in Boston next week. I really hate teasing you all, but Hero has come out with some really cute new images, should be available to see in a couple weeks.

I just found out yesterday, I'm going across the pond next month, this time, just below London in Surrey County. I'll be demontrating for Creative Pastimes on the 21st and 22nd of April. I'm excited to see what the UK looks like in springtime. This trip will be awesome because I will have a chance to meet actual customers (not just retailers). Plus it's casual and I can wear my jeans and atrocious comfy shoes!!! I'm a Croc, Birkenstock and clog wearer.

I've also been playing around with photoshop more, making brushes and applying them to create papers. I might as well tell you now. I'm working on designing my own line of papers. I will give you ONE sneak peak of one I'm working on. It is a work in progress and could change, but I'd like to get some feedback. So bring it on! I've learned an awful lot in the past few weeks, I've had some frustrating times, but when I make something I like, it's all worth the effort.

That's it for me for now, I've got to get back to making hero arts samples.
Enjoy your week-end...and you never know, I may even blog tomorrow. :o)


Godelieve said...

Wow, this sample looks very promising. I love it!

Stampamelbie said...

Love your sample paper! OMG, Shari! So many wonderful things are happening for you, and that is just so awesome! :)

I love your color choices, you always know what goes together well.

Vicki said...

my oh my Shari, it all sounds wonderful especially for a paper addict like me. Enjoy your trip and hurry home!

Babsarella said...

LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY!!! You will have such a FUN trip!!! LOVE the paper too!!! Great stuff. You know what would be really cool?? If you could also make it card size with the same design, so you could just pop it on a standard sized card after stamping on it.

Juliehrr said...

Oh, UK in the spring time!!! (insert serious envy) Do show & tell when you come back, eh?! As for bloggin' regularly, well, I think it's cool that you live LIFE, UKWIM?! (wink!) This sample is pretty awesome--I just love what you always come up with! Dang, I got a mountain of laundry m'self . . . chortle!

Jenny L. said...

That is one gorgeous sample Shari. I wouldn't change a thing.