Monday, February 12, 2007

Doing a little maintenance

I've been adding some things to my sidebar like a "subscribe to" plus a video clip at the bottom. I'm attempting to get more "with it" :o) I was trying to figure out the whole widget thing, but it's just not getting into my brain correctly. lol I think I've gone through too many doses of virus scans, defrags and adaware scans on my desktop and laptop for one day...I'm a bit fried by this time (plus it's early morning) YIKES!

My friend Barbara posted some music by this young artist on her sight and I was compelled to seek out his CD, it comes on Tuesday, can't wait. Check him out when you have a chance, his name is Paolo Nutini. His voice is incredible!!!

I would also like to introduce you to another artist, his name is Jake Shimabukuro, he's a young accomplished Ukulele player, unbelievable talent! I heard him on the radio when I was in California, had to rush home and look him up as well. Another CD purchase is in the works.

After a little shopping, I'm hoping to get some stamping done to post for you all.
Until then,


Babsarella said...

He he...I saw you stopped by for a visit and got you hooked. I am gonna check out your suggestion. I know what you mean about all this PC stuff. It gets a bit overwhelming at times. My daughter's laptop bit the dust and I just can't get myself to start trying to fix it. Yuck. Good luck with your widgets.

Vicki said...

hey Shari, thanks for the Subscribe to me feature....makes keeping in touch so much easier. Love all your posts, keep up the good work.