Thursday, January 04, 2007

Things that don't work are irritating!

Feels like I've been in a cave, cut off from the real world. I recently switched my telephone service over so it's now through my cable carrier along with my internet. Since doing so, my service has been terrible. I've had missed and dropped calls, missing emails, and no internet. What is a girl to do??? It looks like they may have fixed everything yesterday, got my fingers crossed.

Today I'm calling Microsoft. I got a Zune for Christmas and am having trouble loading the software...I get the "blue screen" error...BAD!!! The problem is with the service pack 2 that is an update for WindowsXP. I've avoided installing it for a few years because of the problems associated with it, but it is required for ZUNE. So wish me luck. I'm thinking my goal will be to start fresh, new software, New year.

My resolution this year? Calling people on their product and services that don't work!

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Vickibee said...

oh I feel you're pain Sherri.... our wireless router has been having tantrums like a two year old. Just what I wanted to fix today. Hope all ends well with your techno woes.