Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Son's Perspective of the Earth

How could I have been so lucky to have raised such a wonderful environmentalist?

Brooks, my 19 year old son "gets it". He doesn't just get it, he lives it. On his own and with his hard earned money, he went out and purchased new light bulbs (30+) for the entire house. These are not just your average bulbs, but expensive energy saving bulbs.

Did you know that if every household used one six pack of energy smart bulbs, over the bulbs lifetime (5 years), they would prevent emissions equal to six million cars being on the road?

Smart bulb, smarter boy......and a very proud mom.


malika47 said...

WOW! Great to know. I'll take inspiration from your son.

Godelieve said...

Lucky you!!

And your new header looks great!!