Friday, December 01, 2006

a snowy morning

I took a quick shot of the bird houses I have sitting outside my office window sill. This window is under a covered porch, it's amazing how the snow gets all around them. We got hit with about 8 inches with drifts up to 2 feet. Schools were closed so Tom and the boys shoveled most of the morning. They got most of our driveway and walkway plus our dear elderly neighbors walk and drive. It's very cold outside....a good day to stay inside and make creations, watch movies and possibly grab a nap under a warm blanket. :o)


Jenny L. said...

That snow looks wonderful, I can say that because it will never happen here in so Cal.

J@cqueline's craft nest said...

Such a beautiful picture, I love fotos like this. In the south of France we still have soft warm weather, it's incredible.

Hermine said...

This is so beautyful, it would be a fun christmas card.