Monday, December 18, 2006

Another inside view Book #9

This is another view of the inside, the tag portion at the bottom. I've made strips of comments like journaling facts of things through the years we've been married. I've told a few stories, made fun with a few jokes. I'm trying to figure how I can make it look nicer by tomorrow morning! I'm planning on setting by the coffee pot on an easle for him to see first thing (coffee is first on the list). Fingers crossed it goes well. :o)
Thanks for joining me on my journey with this. I will be taking close-ups of some of the meaning I've put into it that might not stand out when just looking at it. For now, It's going in hiding.
Thanks! :o)


Stampamelbie said...

Very Beautiful, Ms.Shari! Thanks so much for sharing the project with us all. I loved seeing how you create your projects!!

asela said...

Loved how your book turned out. Thank you so much for sharing the steps you took to make it. So very cool!!!

Godelieve said...

I loved to see this unique piece, looking more gorgeous after every step. I enjoyed the different steps, and that you changed your mind a few times.
Wishing you a Happy Anniversary!

kay said...

Happy Anniversary Shari (and Tom)lol! The book is looking great and I'll bet the look on Tom's face will be priceless. Thank you for sharing this special moment in your life and those of moments past.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

This is such a beautiful album!
Thank you for listing the how-to's!!! I hope you have a Happy Holiday season!