Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Anniversary Book 1

I had started this project on my old blog, and I've been dieing to show you it's progress. I'll go back to the beginning and start showing this baby over, it will be a good review for all of us, especially me since I've had to put it down for a couple weeks.

To recap, I am making a memory book for my husband to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. When we met, Tom was in the Marine Corps. After only one month of dating he was deployed overseas for 6months, so our courtship was basically through writing letters. We married 5 months after he returned home. We both saved these letters which I will use to fill the book. can't wait to give it to him, Dec 19th.

I started by covering a 7Gypsies chipboard book with papers. I use a glue stick (Duck or Pritt). I used watered down white acrylic paint and a sanding block to distress. I also cut out the binding holes with my exacto blades once the glue was completely dry.

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KraftyKerilou said...

THis book is beautiful!! Keri